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LAL Boston School of English

Our English school in Boston is located right in the heart of the city, just a few steps from the city centre, and prides itself on being an authentic boutique school.

Its six classrooms with a maximum capacity of 12 students make it the smallest and most personal school of the LAL family.

LAL’s Boston English school has a very friendly atmosphere and provides its students with comprehensive pastoral care during their stay.

Recently refurbished, LAL’s Boston English school is equipped with televisions and projectors to provide our students with real-life media content to make the lessons more interesting and stimulating, allowing discussion and debate around the latest international news, for example.

It’s easy to get to Boston by yourself, or we can arrange an airport transfer for you. 

Key Facts
  • Free wireless Internet; 
  • Air conditioning; 
  • Free computer access; 
  • Listening facilities; 
  • Lounge area; 
  • Kitchen for students; 
  • Wheelchair access
English courses at LAL Boston

At LAL Boston you can choose from a wide range of courses. If you want to improve your English for your everyday life, General English is the right course for you.

According to the length of your stay with us and your needs, you can choose to attend a part-time course in the afternoon, a full-time course in the morning, an intensive one if you want to make the most of your stay or attend your class on Saturday if you are busy at work during the week. 

Moreover, in our English school we regularly run a 30+ course for those of you who have already admitted that you are not teenagers any more.

If your long term goals are studying in an American or British university, or taking a  Master’s Degree in order to further your career, you might be interested in one of our exam preparation courses such as:

  • The IELTS test preparation course – an IELTS certificate is usually required if you want to study at an European or American University, ask one of our advisors to find out more
  • The TOEFL test preparation course – this is the certificate you need if you want to study at U.S. University or College
  • The Cambridge Exams Preparation courses or the TOEIC test preparation course.

Lastly, if you are a professional, looking for a course which will enable you to work in an English environment, we have two English courses for specific purposes you might find interesting: Medical English and English for Finance and Business. These courses are designed to give you a real in depth knowledge of the topic in the English language, giving you a better understanding of these fields whether that be at a job interview or already in work.

All these courses are taught by professional and qualified English teachers who, thanks to their skills and abilities, enabled the LAL Boston English school to achieve the internationally-recognised accreditation of the CEA. 

Why study in Boston?

Boston is an historic city with a thriving modern heart. Founded in 1630, the Massachusetts’ capital is one of the oldest cities in the United States and the heart and soul of the American Revolution (have you heard of the Boston Tea party?), which you can discover on the 2.5 mile walking route known as the Freedom Trail.

Boston is considered to be a world leader for innovation and entrepreneurship and a prestigious centre of higher education, which make Boston an ideal destination to study English in the USA.

If you want to acquire new knowledge and do some networking by attending one of the many events for professionals hosted in the city, this is the right place for you!

Your accommodation in Boston

During your course at LAL Boston’s English school, you might like to make a lot of new friends at the International Guest House located in historic Back Bay, one of Boston’s most desirable neighbourhoods.

At the International Guest House you can choose between a single room with private bathroom or a shared room with shared bathrooms. There are plenty of common areas and a central dining room where you can cook and enjoy a meal with your friends.

If you would prefer a bit more privacy instead, the Waverly IGH Apartments might represent the best choice for you. Every apartment has four single bedrooms, a shared bathroom and a spacious kitchen, and the apartments are located 45 minutes from our English school in the city centre.

Furthermore, within an average of 40 minutes from the school, you can have a taste of  American life in one of our carefully-selected Homestays. 




Leisure Programme

Boston has plenty of things on offer during your free time and with the LAL Boston English school social programme we’ll make sure you will get the most out of it! The programme changes every week.

After your lessons you might like to enjoy a visit to the Charlestown Navy Yard, which is 174 years old and home to a great many historic ships. The Museum of Science is another popular excursion, or Six Flags Theme Park with its wide range of attractions for every thrill seeker is also very close by. Basketball and baseball games are another big part of the LAL Boston English school leisure programme which we are sure you will enjoy.

Over the weekend, if you wish, you will have often the opportunity to discover the Big Apple or Philadelphia, Niagara Falls or the breathtaking New England landscape that surrounds the city. Please check our social calendar to see the upcoming events or send an e-mail to our team for more information. We would love to hear from you!

  • Take in a baseball game

Support Boston’s Red Sox from the stands as you watch the classic American game at the famous Fenway Park. 

  • See a basketball game

Enjoy the excitement of a professional basketball game and see the pros shoot some hoops at the TD Garden – right next to LAL Boston. 

  • Six Flags Theme Park 

Ride the roller coasters, splash down the flumes. Enjoy a day of fun and excitement at Six Flags New England, with a wide range of rides and attractions for every thrill seeker. There’s also the Hurrcane Harbor water park in which to go wild and get wet.