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LAL London summer school

Our London Summer school is based at St Mary’s University which boasts a modern campus located in Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, with extensive outdoor sports fields and a recently built sports centre. The university campus also has indoor tennis courts, a student union hall and theatre. There are lots of opportunities to see London and enjoy everything it offers with our action-packed summer programme. 

Key Facts
  • Age 12-17; 
  • Free wireless internet access; 
  • On-site cafeteria; 
  • Lounge area; 
  • Tennis courts, sports fields, sports hall and basketball courts

Twickenham is in the picturesque borough of Richmond-upon-Thames which is one of the safest boroughs of London. It is ideally located, being only half an hour from Central London, offering students the best of both village and city life.

London was already 1000 years old when the Tower of London was built and is still today a magical place. History meets modern day life to create a unique experience for anyone lucky enough to visit.

There is something for everyone, from museums for the curious, galleries for the artistic and some of the most famous sights in the world.

Summer school programs
  • Day Programs

Our Day Programs are designed for families on holiday who would like their children to enjoy a language course. We have courses designed for everyone, so join us this coming summer and let the LAL family take care of yours!

For example, a basic package of children’s lessons gives the family free time to explore a new city. Perhaps you’d like a little more?  Lessons for the whole family, entertainment, and a fully-catered stay? No problem! It’s up to you.

Transfers are not included.

Where young learners are under 13, a parent or guardian (over 18 years of age) must accompany students to and from the school each day.

Location: All LAL schools; 

Max. students per class: 15; 

Length of course: 1 week +; 

Lessons per week: 20; 

Hours per week: 15; 

Levels: All; 

Start dates: Depends on school.

Three types of Day Program

All our courses at each Young Learner school may be taken as Day Programs: simply select the course you wish to take, then decide what type of Day Program you would like.

There are three types of Day Programme: Tuition only, Daytime and Full Day. Here’s what’s included in each:

Tuition Only - Lessons; 

Daytime - Lessons, Lunch, Daytime activities/excursions; 

Full Day - Lessons, Lunch, Daytime activities/excursions, Evening meal, Evening activities/excursions.

  • Two Centre Course

Students can divide their stay between any two of our UK Summer Schools and LAL Torbay, as long as they book at least three weeks, with between one and four weeks at each centre. We’ll provide free transfers between the schools. 

Location: All UK Young Learner Schools and Summer Schools; 

Max. students per class: 15; 

Length of course: 1-4 weeks; 

Lessons per week: 20; 

Hours per week: 15.

  • Summer School of English 

Improve your English on holiday with LAL and make friends from all over the world in the summer of a lifetime. LAL Summer Schools run during the summer and we have summer schools running in England, Malta, USA and Ireland.   We have been running summer schools for over 10 years, helping our young learners  from 7-18 improve their English in a fun, interactive way. LAL offers a high level of pastoral care and an exciting range of activities as well as fun, educational English lessons. 

Location: London; 

Max. students per class: 15; 

Length of course: 1-4 weeks; 

Lessons per week: 20; 

Hours per week: 15; 

Levels: All; 

Start dates: 02 Jul - 20 Aug; 

Programmes available:

- Summer School (age 12-17)

- Summer School Homestay (age 15-17)

The syllabus

The LAL Summer School syllabus has been designed to encourage students to communicate in English and to build their confidence. At each level you will work on developing your reading, writing, speaking (including pronunciation) and listening skills, though the main focus will be on communication. Your teacher will also help you develop your study skills, through learner training activities, to become a more independent learner. You will be taught in classes with a maximum of 15 students, ensuring that you receive personal attention from the teacher while being able to interact and practise with your fellow students in class. 

LAL Course book

LAL has written its own Young Learner course books. Designed to appeal specifically to younger learners, the books feature modern, stimulating materials using a variety of methods to ensure fast progression.

In the first part of your lessons, you will follow the LAL course books to study vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, and you will also practise your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  


In the second part of each lesson you will do project work. This is based on the activities and excursions that happen during the week. The projects will help you to improve your communication skills by working with the other students, and will also help you to become better at learning when you are away from your teacher. 


We would like you to show your friends what you have achieved at LAL, so you will be able to post parts of your work and photos on our blog at

Fun-packed learning

LAL will offer you a variety of sporting and non-sporting activities at our summer schools, regardless of its location.  The activities will vary from school to school but some examples include treasure hunts, talent show, Karaoke, games and auction and quiz nights.  For the more sporty activities, mini Olympics could be on the calendar with dodgeball, rugby, quick cricket, football and many more. All schools hold a welcome disco or party on the student’s first day while on the last day, all summer schools hold a graduation ceremony with a farewell party.

Each week there  will be an excursions to a variety of locations which will be either recreational, cultural, educational…or all three! You will also be able to explore the area where the schools are located and its surrounding areas and explore what it has to offer. 

Upgrade your course
  • Private Tuition

A great chance to work on your particular areas of interest in English studies, or to concentrate on some of your special areas of need. Our lessons are 1 hour sessions which can be scheduled flexibly. You will have your teacher’s sole focus in a relaxed, friendly environment.

All lessons are taught by lively, engaging and dynamic teachers and complement the general English course. All our teachers are professional and well-supported.

Academic options will never be scheduled at the same time as included excursions or major on-site activities.

Minimum English level – All; 

Lessons: 1 hour lesson (UK & Ireland Schools), 45 minutes (US Schools); 

Max class size: 1.

  • London Premium Excursion Package

At LAL we believe that language skills are improved more quickly by linking the academic and leisure programmes. Our Premium Weekend Excursions Upgrade gives students the opportunity to put into practice language skills learnt in the classroom while visiting some of London’s most famous tourist attractions.

One of the benefits of studying in London is being 20 minutes away from some of the most popular attractions in the world and having the chance to visit Madame Tussauds, the London Eye and the London Dungeons in just one weekend. The excursion to the London Dungeons will take place of our standard full day Saturday excursion. Lunch in central London is included .

Madame Tussauds
See the fantastic wax works of movie stars, sporting legends and royalty.

The London Eye
On the South Bank of the River Thames is the London Eye, from which you wil see amazing views of London.

The London Dungeons
Using a mixture of live actors, special effects and rides, the London Dungeons will take you on a journey through the gory and macabre history of the city.

Premium Weekend Excursion Upgrade! from £99, designed to be taken in conjunction with the regular Summer School English programme. This option must be booked by 31 May 2017. Minimum 2 week booking for this upgrade. 

  • Homestay

(age 14-17)

Staying in a host’s home is a great way to discover the local way of life, and for students to practise the English learnt in their lessons. Hosts will provide breakfast and shared bedrooms and bathrooms. At St Mary’s hosts provide two evening meals per week, while the rest of the week students will eat lunch and dinner at the school.

  • University Student Residence

(age 12-17)

Students can stay on-site at our St Mary’s University student residence. The residence features single rooms, with both shared and en-suite bathroom options available. All accommodation is staffed by LAL House Parents.




Leisure program

LAL are experts at Leisure as well as Language. More than just classroom study, LAL will help you discover the best of the region through our unbeatable leisure programs. 

  • The Museum of London & St Paul’s Cathedral

Half-day excursion to The Museum of London and St Paul’s Cathedral. Learn about the history of this old and famous city. After the museum, we explore the popular area around St Paul’s Cathedral & London’s financial sector.

4 week students only. Packed meal is included. The total duration of this trip is approximately 5 hours, of which up to 2 hours is travel time. 

  • London Eye & Madame Tussauds 

Optional full-day excursion to these “must-see” sights. See the city from the tallest point in central London and then stand next to your favourite celebrities at the famous wax works museum.

Packed meal included. The total duration of this trip is approximately 9 hours, of which 1.5 hours is travel time. Long waiting times may be experienced.

From GBP 50. 

  • Hampton Court 

Half-day excursion to this historic medieval palace with over 800 years of history. Hampton Court has been home to many famous figures throughout British history including King Henry VIII. It also has one of the most famous hedge mazes in the world which has over half a mile of paths. There is so much to see and do in this timeless attraction.

Packed meal and admission to Hampton Court Maze and Gardens is included. The total duration of this trip is approximately 5 hours, of which 1.5 hours is travel time. 

  • Windsor Castle 

Half-day (three week students only) excursion to see Windsor Castle, one of the residences of Queen Elizabeth II, and a visit to the historical town of Windsor.

Packed lunch included. Admission to Windsor Castle included. The total duration of this trip is approximately 6 hours, of which 2 hours is travel time.