COINED Мерида-Мехико

455 Street 52, betwen 49 & 51, Centro, Merida (Mexico), Mexico
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100 Вместимость(студентов)
18+ Мин.возраст
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Spanish School in Merida MX

The Spanish school in Merida building is located in downtown area, near the famous Paseo del Montejo and the Zocalo,has been opened to the public since 1974 and is recognized and accredited by the Yucatan Secretary of Education.

The building is located in downtown area, near the famous Paseo del Montejo and the Zocalo.

  • 10 spacious classrooms;
  • Audio and video room;
  • Student's meeting room;
  • Cafeteria
  • First day welcome package;
  • Weekly tours and recreational activities calendar;
  • Free Internet access - Wi-Fi;
  • 24/7 Emergency phone;
  • Local tutorship
Available Spanish Courses in Mérida MX
  • Intensive;
  • Private
Mérida MX

Merida is a colonial city located in the heart of Yucatan. It not only offers architecture and remains from the Spanish Inquisition, but is also home to Mayan legacy and culture in its many archaeological sites. Because of the warm and tropical weather, Merida has flourishing vegetation and dense jungles for exploration. Is also known as a very safe city with almost no crime. The natives are very friendly and welcome people from all over the world. It is also a clean city with many parks, traditionally paved streets, and recreational areas for outdoor sports and activities. 

You can take part in one of the many free guided tours around the old part of Merida where the Government Palace turns out to be the most revealing and attractive spot. It houses more than 25 murals portraying the violent history of Yucatan during the Spanish conquest. Around Merida you shouldn’t miss the local market of handcrafts and the different Haciendas to meet the traditional way of living. In Merida you will never get bored, since there is always a street performance or carnival in the main Plaza.

  • One of the archeological richest cities in Mexico.
  • It was declared in 2011 Mexican Capital of Peace.
  • One of the biggest cities in southeastern Mexico.
  • Very active cultural agenda.

Public transport is provided by terrestrial local bus companies to virtually every corner of the sprawling city of Merida, state and mainland territory. Similarly, several companies are served by road transport which connect conveniently with the rest of the country




Название курса Уроков/неделя Недель(от/до) Цена за неделю
Индивидуальный курс испанского в Мериде, штат Мехико 10 1 - 48 259 EUR 233 EUR Забронировать
Интенсивный групповой курс испанского в Мериде, штат Мехико 20 1 - 48 424 EUR 382 EUR Забронировать


Social Life
  • Activities 
    • Coffee Social;
    • Typical Cooking Lesson;
    • Afternoon or nights of Latinoamerican movies.
  • Excursions 
    • Tour route convents;
    • Visit to Chitchén Itza.