32 Street N° 702, corner 7 Avenue – Miramar - La Habana - Cuba
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18+ Мин.возраст
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Spanish School in Havana

The school is located in a two-storey building of Miramar, a sophisticated and lively district in Havana. Apart from the classrooms and offices, the school has a dance studio, a kitchenette and student lounge, and an internet corner with two computers available for students for a small price.

It's easy to get to the school, either by public transportation or by walking.

  • 3 spacious classrooms;
  • Student's meeting room;
  • Equipped kitchen;
  • Cafeteria
  • Weekly tours and recreational activities calendar;
  • Free Internet access - Wi-Fi;
  • Free access to kitchenette
Available Spanish Courses in Havana
  • Classic Spanish courses
    • Intensive;
    • Super intensive;
    • Private

Havana is the capital, chief port, leading commercial hub, and the cultural heart of Cuba. It is the largest city in the Caribbean and has one of the greatest treasures of historic colonial reserves in the western world.

Havana strength lies in the power of its culture and history together with the beauty of its varied landscapes. The particular political situation of the country has made of Havana a city of contrasts that disclose to your eyes dramatically the very moment you put your feet on it. Havana unfolds to your eyes little by little as you roam slowly through its streets. So, the best way of getting a better feeling for this city is to get in touch with its people, who are very friendly and joyful.

Habana Vieja (Old Havana) is an area of the city of such a magnificence that UNESCO has included it in its list of World Heritage Sites. Here, time has made a pause, so narrow streets, refined colonial mansions, countless churches, historical museums, cobblestone squares, fortresses dating from 16th Spanish Colonial century, and even majestic parks are still alive and intact. A different view of the city is present in Havana's Chinatown District, one of the largest in Latin America. A city tour to Tobaccos Partagas Factory provides the chance to witness the production of one of Cuba's most worlwide-appreciated exports, and get an insight into the Cuban workplace. Some distinctive national monuments must include the National Capitol, the Museum of Revolution, and Cuba's National Hotel. At night, Tropicana is the landmark of this conutry's music and dance, with a long-lasting history of prestigious musicians, singers, and personalities having enjoyed the soul of this famous cabaret. Besides, there is an endless number of small bars, each one with their own history, worthy of being discovered. A wonderful day at the beach should include Varadero and Cayo Lago del Sur, where snorkeling and diving can be practiced.

  • Surrounded by warm, sparkling Caribbean waters;
  • Interesting history showing at every corner;
  • One of Latin America's most vibrant societies;
  • Salsa, mambo, Havana Club rum, Cohiba cigars, political mural painting and Che Guevara Iconography are some of the signature postcards of the city.

The transport within the city is really varied. Though you'll be able to enjoy the best of Havana simply walking- There are also buses, pedicab, coco taxis, bicycle taxis and even a ferry to go from Old Havana to Regla and Casablanca.




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Social Life
  • Activities 
    • Visits to Rum and Cigar factories;
    • Cuban Parties;
    • Bahia de Cochinos;
    • Varadero excursions;
    • Beach sports.