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151 San José de Calasanz, X5000LHC Córdoba, Argentina
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150 Вместимость(студентов)
16+ Мин.возраст
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Spanish School in Cordoba

The Spanish School in Cordoba is a restored two-storey house in a strategic location, very close to the commercial area and main historic landmarks. It features all the services and facilities that you need to make your stay more comfortable. Transport is very accessible. The vast majority of bus lines in Cordoba city have a stop just five minutes away from the school.

The Spanish school in Cordoba is located in the city center, ten minutes away from the main square (Plaza San Martín).

  • 10 spacious classrooms;
  • Audio and video room;
  • Teacher's room;
  • Student's meeting room;
  • Equipped kitchen;
  • Cafeteria;
  • Backyard with a barbecue
  • First day welcome lunch and city walk;
  • Weekly tours and recreational activities calendar;
  • Free Internet access - Wi-Fi;
  • Free access to kitchenette;
  • Free coffee, tea, milk, and refrigerated water;
  • 24/7 Emergency phone;
  • COINED tutorship
Available Spanish Courses in Córdoba
  • Classic Spanish courses
    • Intensive;
    • Super intensive;
    • Immersion;
    • Private
  • Spanish for professionals
    • Spanish & Business; 
    • Spanish & Culture; 
    • Spanish & Medicine; 
    • Spanish for DELE Certificate; 
    • Spanish for Teachers
  • Spanish & Activities
    • Spanish & Salsa; 
    • Spanish & Tango

Córdoba is a fascinating mix of old and new. Where else would you find DJs spinning electro-tango in crowded student bars next to 17th century Jesuit ruins?

In 2006, Córdoba was designated Cultural Capital of the Americas, and the title fits the city perfectly. Four excellent municipal galleries – dedicated to emerging, contemporary, classical and fine arts respectively – are within easy walking distance of each other and the city center. The alternative film scene is alive and kicking. Young designers and artisans exhibit their stuff at a weekend crafts market that sprawls for blocks and is one of the best in the country. And if all this action is too much for you, quaint little mountain villages are a short bus ride away. 

Cordoba is a culturally rich city with relevant Jesuit heritage. On top of the natural beauty of this region, the cultural diversity and developed economy, it is the warmth and hospitality of its people what makes of Cordoba such an attractive city.

  • University city, suitable for those with student budget.
  • Friendly and open people.
  • Late nightlife culture and young spirit.
  • Natural landscapes a few minutes from the city.

Cordoba is well-equipped with a high frequency of public transport as well as taxis. The great location of the school allows you to walk to the main city landmarks and attractions.




Название курса Уроков/неделя Недель(от/до) Цена за неделю
Курс углубленного изучения испанского в Кордове 31 1 - 48 18 843 руб. 16 959 руб. Забронировать
Интенсивный групповой курс испанского в Кордове 25 1 - 48 11 777 руб. 10 599 руб. Забронировать
Супер-интенсивный групповой курс испанского в Кордове 37 1 - 48 15 015 руб. 13 514 руб. Забронировать
Курс делового испанского в Кордове 33 1 - 48 20 610 руб. 18 549 руб. Забронировать


Social Life
  • Activities 
    • Salsa or Tango Lessons;
    • Typical lunch at school;
    • Visit Guemes neighbourhood;
    • Latinamerican movies;
    • Afternoon museums.
  • Excursions 
    • Getting to know the Jesuit block and Estancias;
    • Visiting the sierras;
    • Practicing water sports: windsurfing, fishing, water skiing, sailing, among others on the sierras lakes;
    • Adventure Tourism: the sierras are a perfect way to start climbing, since they are not too dangerous.
The best of the city 
  • Walking city tour: since Córdoba has pedestrian zones in most of its downtown area the best way of getting to know it is by walking it! All the Historic Center has been renovated and beautifully lit.
  • Milonga night: as well as Buenos Aires, Córdoba is known for its quality “milongas”. It is a very relaxed and open atmosphere, where anyone can give it a try and feel like a sexy tango dancer.
  • Manzana Jesuítica: visitors can go back to colonial times when walking along the block on which the "Iglesia de la Compañía", the Rectorado and the Colegio Monserrat are located. University students bring life to the nearby bars and create a cheerful atmosphere in the heart of the city.
  • Paseo del Buen Pastor: this “Paseo” used to be a women’s jail but now, after a complete makeover, it is a mecca for high end restaurants, avant-garde shopping, and a city owned modern art gallery. Being in the center of the trendy club district, it is a deliberately romantic space with benches and cafes, both indoors and out.
  • Barrio Güemes: visit the crafts and antiques fair and the little galleries around the fair with art and local designers clothing. By the end of the afternoon, there are nice bars and pubs to share a good time with friends.
  • Going out clubbing: you can find different night clubs in every neighbourhood around the city; each one with its own style. However most of them are in 2 areas: Nueva Córdoba and the Chateau Carreras neighbourhood. A good number of students choose the first zone because it is cheaper and nearer to their apartments.





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